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For the Hope Partnership

Every Saturday morning in downtown Atlanta, whether rain or shine or sleet or snow, 52 weeks out of the year, FTHP leads a volunteer crew in preparing and serving a hot breakfast to 175+ of our friends on the street. We don’t judge or criticize the reality of those less fortunate- we just feed people. That attitude over the past ten years has produced tremendous returns for both our volunteers and the people we serve…and you’re invited!


Meals Served YTD

Partners and Community

PfH Flyer August 18 Shelter

We are extraordinarily blessed to be part of a larger community of service organizations, charities, NGOs and Non-Profits which focus on those experiencing homelessness in the Atlanta area. Please click above to learn more about the latest news and resources available from these wonderful partner organizations and our efforts during the pandemic.

Sponsors and Volunteers

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Being that our service model is a social one, many of you, our wonderful Sponsors and volunteers, have been calling to find out how we’re still serving our friends on the street and when we’ll get back to normal. While the situation remains fluid, we’re utilizing a core group of the Board to hand deliver meals each weekend. Please click through for a special message from our Sponsorship Chairman, Jack Chapman, on our current efforts.

Support our Friends

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The HammerDown 5k Run was incredible this year! Feeding the Homeless Project was privileged and honored to be a recipient from the proceeds of this event. Here’s a link to our Instagram page which features photos and a quick video clip from the day. Thanks JE Dunn!

FTHP Special Events


FTHP had another wonderful tournament last year at Druid Hills CC. Due to COVID, we won’t be playing one this year, but be on the lookout for the 2021 tournament. Our golf tournaments are a great opportunity to support our mission, play a spectacular course and share an enjoyable day among our sponsors and leadership team.


We just got back on the street and are now getting back up to speed with our services! During this transition time, we’re only engaged in a limited capacity but when we’re back to normal operations, we invite you to serve alongside us on the street for an up close and personal experience with the homeless men and women of Atlanta. It’s a chance to get to know these folks…as people. Stay tuned for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon!

On The Street

Here’s a look at who and how we serve every Saturday in downtown Atlanta

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